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~The River Orwell~

Down to the Orwell Haven
the silver ribbons wind,
Each ribbon's edge
so beautifully twined.
Green and gracious
and wonderfully kind

These shores have seen the history
That England's womb has bred
Englishmen and English ships,
these tidal highways led
To other harbours,
some fair as heaven
Tho` none so dear
as this our Orwell haven

~G B Gibson~

It is probable that many of those living within a few miles of these waters have been unaware of the beauty, history and thrusting port developments of  Felixstowe and Harwich which are so uniquely combined here on the eastern borders of Essex and Suffolk by the River Orwell culminating in the thriving river port of Ipswich, the county seat of Suffolk.

Without doubt, the River Orwell is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt of our deep water navigable rivers.  So much so that it must have looked very much the same when the Romans, followed by the Angles, Saxons, Danish, Norwegian and Dutch pirates swept in looking for loot, women, or more living space.  The remains of a Roman fort lie at Walton near Trimley St Martin and one imagines there would have been close and constant contact with the large Roman Garrison at Colchester - the oldest recorded town in England.

These pages are intended to show you a small ~taste~ of the beauties that can be found along this historic river and to invite you to sample them yourself by taking a cruise down the river on the River Cruise ship ~Orwell Lady~,  operating from the Port of Ipswich. They are designed with appropriate graphic backgrounds which may take a little while to load yet if you are patient we hope you will find the wait worthwhile. Along the way you will see ~thumbnails~ which, if you click on, will open a full sized picture of interest in a separate window.....then simply close the window to continue the journey.

So ~welcome aboard~, make yourself comfortable and enjoy......

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