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Admiral Grog






~Admiral Grog ~


Rising above the ancient trees of Orwell park, just beyond Broke Hall, is Orwell Park House, a splendid 18th century mansion. This was the home of Admiral Vernon, twice Mayor of Ipswich, and Admiral of the Fleet when it won a notable victory at Portobello.

It is not for either of these reasons he is remembered however, but for the fact that because of him, the Royal Naval rum ration came to be called Grog. He was a stern,, puritanical gentleman who, when on deck, wore a black silk cloak made of a French material called gros grain.  This rustled as he made his way around his ship and his sailors corrupted the words gros grain and called him ~Old Grog~. At that time drunkenness and vice in the Navy life was rife, and ~Old Grog~ thought of a way he might improve the situation.  He ordered that all rum rations should henceforth be watered down, from which time it came to be called grog by the sailors.

We can also see a buoy positioned in the River close to his old house called the Grog Buoy commemorating this little ~naming~.

continuing on our way we could then view those ashore participating in their own ~grog ration~ at The ~Butt and Oyster~ public house  to be found in the riverside hamlet of

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