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~Cyber Cruise~






~ A Mini Cyber Cruise on the ~Orwell Lady~

And now for your ~online pleasure~ we would like to take you on a little ~mini cruise~ down the River Orwell to give a ~taste~ of the beautiful scenery and the many different aspects that this historic and commercial river has to offer when seen from the water...

from the mudflats which provide food to many different varieties of birds when the tide is out, 

to the historic landmarks on the banks...

from the pleasures of yachtsmen and the leisure boats who sail her waters, 

to  the ocean  going commercial ships that discharge and load their cargos in Ipswich, Felixstowe and Harwich....

not forgetting the ferries that traverse the North Sea between Ipswich and Oostende sailing each day and returning to the Orwell Haven..... 

all diverse in the size and type of their crafts and crews yet with a shared commonality as they each navigate this beautiful river...

and so click on the next word link in the grey box and visit a different world for a gentle soujourn....

we hope that you enjoy taking

The Orwell Haven ~mini cruise~

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